Rothfuss® Best Gabion all over the world: Gabions from Wittlich in Suriname

At the end of November last year, „Pansa Machine Shop“ presented selected products from Rothfuss® Best Gabion at the “Jaarbeurs” trade fair in Paramaribo (Suriname). Our employee Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Pfisterer took the long flight to get an impression of the gabion market in South America and the Caribbean.

Thanks to our partner “Pansa Machine Shop” in Suriname, whose CEO Maurino Pansa, together with his wife and CFO Sylvia Pansa, had already visited the Wittlich plant, Rothfuss® Best Gabion was able to show a strong presence at the “Jaarbeurs”. The booth, which was managed by Mr. Lucien Bourne, Procurement Manager of „Pansa Machine Shop“, was richly equipped with various types of gabions from our range and short films on the subject of gabions were shown to the interested public on several screens.

In addition, the winner of the “SuriPop” song festival, which took place shortly before the fair, was honoured at the “Pansa Machine Shop” stand. Maurino Pansa welcomed the winner in person – of course not without drawing the spotlight on the monotecR® gabion, on which the main prize of the SuriPop festival was presented. A live TV broadcast transmitted positive impressions of our product throughout the country.

No less exciting than the big fair, whose doors only closed at 11 pm on both days, was the visit to the stand partner “Grassalco” from Brokopondo. The stone supplier invited us to a factory tour, to which the entire group was given access to a sealed-off area within an active gold mine. There, natural stones are mined as a “waste product” of gold mining. The grey hard stone is an excellent filling material for gabions.

Besides the stay at the fair and the visit of the gold mine, the topic “future” was also on the agenda. The Pansa Group intends to use gabions in South America and the Caribbean for both decorative and engineering purposes, in close cooperation with the government authorities. Because healthy growth always starts from the basis, our employee Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Pfisterer was allowed to carry out a training for our monotecR® gabion before his departure, at the end of which all graduates received a certificate of attaining important knowledge in gabion construction. An all-round successful trip that makes you want more and shows how internationally Rothfuss® Best Gabion is positioned.