Rothfuss Best Gabion GmbH & Co. KG in Wittlich

About us
Our new plant in Wittlich (DE) with management, production, commissioning, packing and despatch all under the same roof.

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality gabion grids, we know that outstanding products are the building block for exceptional projects. We have decades of experience in the research, development and manufacturing of wire mesh grids. We are continually optimising our range in order to offer our customers the right solution for their highly varied requirements.

As a full-range provider we pursue our business philosophy “Everything from a single hand” and offer you an all-round package for the most diverse solutions. As the founder of the gabion market in Germany, more than 30 years of history and tradition are linked with the ROTHFUSS brand.

Even after the business was taken over by the Friedhoff group, these values have lived on. Our products stand for top quality. We offer our customers a unique process, which demonstrates high-quality and corrosion resistance that is proofed to last for decades. We like to demonstrate this fact with our long-term studies, which are done in collaboration with the MPA Stuttgart on the north sea island Helgoland. There, our wire mesh with zinc and aluminum coating are confronted by extreme atmospheric circumstances, which our products withstand without any problems. In other continuous studies about the corrosion protection, our products show no sign of damage for 28 years now.

Our employees have extensive expert knowledge and years of experience. We can advise you on development and construction and accompany your project right up to delivery. We are on hand as a reliable and competent partner to provide both standard and tailored solutions to our customers. Thanks to our extensive stock, we are in a position to deliver your orders at short notice.

Our highly modern and fully-automatic production facilities can be flexibly set up to produce the most varied gabion grid designs. Through the combination of wire strength, mesh width and tensile strength, we can achieve the dimensions that are required for each application with high precision. We produce high numbers of parts in mass production as well as tailored solutions for special requirements.

The wire that we use has a high-quality zinc-aluminium coating (Zn 95%/Al 5%) and a tensile strength of min. 450 N/mm2. Its resistance to corrosion is demonstrated by 3,000 hours of salt spray testing in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9227-NSS. Alongside spot-welded wire grids for different gabions, we round off our range with compacted transport baskets that are filled at the factory for different scopes of application, as well as for slope stabilisation, noise protection and privacy.

The premium quality of our products, reliability and extensive knowledge in the field of construction technology, as well as production and process engineering, distinguish us. Be inspired by the variety of applications of our products. When it comes to implement your requirements, we are the ideal partner.

Our quality management is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and we are very proud about that fact. Well-thought-out processes contribute decisively to the quality of our products and services. The special requirements and perspectives of our company are reflected in our Quality Management System (QMS). We believe in our products and services performed by our employees for the benefit of our customers.

Since September 2017, Rothfuss Best Gabion is a supporting member of the state Garden , Landscape and Sports Field Construction Association Rheinland Pfalz and Saarland e.V. The federal Garden, Landscape and Sports Field Construction Association as well as the twelve state associations as business and employer associations represent the interests of the German Garden , Landscape and Sports Field Construction at state and federal level.

Since April 2019, Rothfuss Best Gabion has been a member of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). As a DIN member, we support the tried and tested system of standardization both ideally and financially, thus helping to ensure that DIN remains independent. Companies involved in standardization ensure the competitiveness of the German economy and can align and optimize their processes, products or services accordingly from the outset.

On 20th April 2020, Rothfuss Best Gabion became the first company to bear the GABIONEN quality mark recognized by RAL (Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e.V.) in the product-related metals sector (link to certificate) for the manufacture of gabions and gabion structures. The GfG Gütegemeinschaft für Gabionen e.V. thus distinguishes companies whose products and/or services comply with the general and respective special Quality and Testing Regulations of the Quality Assurance for Gabions and Gabion Structures RAL-GZ 612 and which contribute to the further development, distribution and quality improvement of gabions and gabion structures.

Advantages at a glance:

  • High quality
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Gabions straight from the manufacturer
  • Highly modern and fully-automatic production lines
  • Extensive stock