29. September 2020

The next generation has arrived: Managing Director Axel Friedhoff welcomes two of his sons to the company

Double reason for joy for Axel Friedhoff, Managing Director of Rothfuss Best Gabion. In 2020 he is not only celebrating over 30 years of independence, he […]
29. August 2020

The best of two worlds: The portable stone basket TSK from Rothfuss Best Gabion

Do you want to implement a building project quickly and flexibly, but at the same time not forgo the advantages and aesthetics of a gabion construction? […]
31. July 2020

One “R” to rule them all: With monotecR from Rothfuss Best Gabion to the perfect gabion structure

The “monotecR®” gabion is our all-rounder. The low-injury safety gabion without wire protrusion is suitable for noise protection, slope stabilization, landscaping or private gardens. Advantage: Due […]
26. June 2020

BLICKS Professional: The clever fence system from Rothfuss Best Gabion

If you are looking for a fencing for your property that is both beautiful and functional and at the same time acts as a privacy screen, […]
29. May 2020

Strong through the crisis: Rothfuss Best Gabion expands its machinery

Even Winston Churchill knew: “Never waste a good crisis”. So because every crisis is also an opportunity, we at Rothfuss Best Gabion rely more than ever […]
23. April 2020

RAL Quality Mark GABIONEN awarded to Rothfuss Best Gabion

Rothfuss Best Gabion is now the first company to bear the “GABIONEN” quality mark certified by RAL (German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labelling) in the […]
23. March 2020

Interview: How is Rothfuss Best Gabion positioned in the Corona crisis?

At a time when events are turning daily, it is all the more important to act with foresight. We at Rothfuss Best Gabion also want to […]
28. February 2020

Cooperation between Rothfuss Best Gabion GmbH & Co. KG and Bekaert NV/SA

After many intensive discussions and a constructive exchange of information we can now announce the cooperation between Rothfuss Best Gabion GmbH & Co. KG based in […]
30. January 2020

10 (not quite everyday) gabion facts for the new decade

By the time you read this, you will most likely have an increased interest in the topic of “gabions” and already know the basics – maybe […]