One “R” to rule them all: With monotecR from Rothfuss Best Gabion to the perfect gabion structure

The “monotecR®” gabion is our all-rounder. The low-injury safety gabion without wire protrusion is suitable for noise protection, slope stabilization, landscaping or private gardens. Advantage: Due to the curved and welded eyelets, this type can also be used without hesitation for places with direct public traffic such as kindergartens, schools or other public facilities. 

Like all our products, the “monotecR®” gabion consists of spot-welded wire grids with zinc-aluminium coating. Various sizes are available from 50x50x50 to 200x100x100cm. The standard wire thicknesses are 4.5 and 5.0 millimetres, and mesh sizes of 5×10 or 10x10cm are available. The tensile strength of all articles is at least 450 N/mm2. We also prove 3,000 hours in the salt spray test according to DIN EN ISO 9227-NSS. 

By the way: We produce our “monotecR®” wire grids on our in-house “EVG” welding machine, which we moved to the Wittlich site at the beginning of last year. Read here how the relocation of the giant took place. 

For further information about our product “monotecR®” please refer to the corresponding product category on our website or talk directly to our employees.