Moving of a giant: New flagship machine in our factory

At the end of 2018, things became a bit more exciting than usual at our Rothfuss® Best Gabion factory. Following the moving of our site from Ronneburg in Thuringia to Wittlich, our biggest machine yet from the manufacturer “EVG” also had to be moved 500 kilometer across Germany. A venture, that most people had a critical look at beforehand and some even doomed impossible.

First, a 70 tons heavy telescope-crane had to move the machine from inside its old habitat to the place before the hall. A total of eight big rigs were needed to bring all of the parts to our main factory in Wittlich. Some of the components required even bigger trucks with support-vehicles because of their sheer size and weight. Eight mechanics accompanied the convoy over the duration of six weeks. Additionally to that, 45 trucks brought remaining material from Ronneburg to Wittlich.

Axel Friedhoff, Managing Director of Rothfuss® Best Gabion, explains the importance of the new machine: “The EVG is unique in Europe. We are able to produce twice as fast as on other machines, also because welding and bending are integrated in one process. A big improvement for our location”.

Machine operator Jens Eckstein adds: “Our new machine here in Wittlich really is impressive. Gabion grids up to a thickness of seven millimeters which are bended and welded at the same line definitely are a huge advantage over different machines”.

After the moving of the additional machine to our factory in Wittlich required some modification at our plant, the EVG is now ready to produce and already delivers gabion grids for the wide range of products done by Rothfuss® Best Gabion. Especially the monotecR®-grids, which are done on the EVG, are known all over europe. An important addition which goes down well for employees and customers likewise and fuels a bright future for the company.