Customer project: rockfall protection in Austria

We regularly show you just how versatile our gabions can be in our “Customer project” section, where we portray the exciting construction projects of our customers around the world. Today we look at Austria, where a rockfall protection dam was raised with the help of the “TSK” transportable stone basket system from Rothfuss Best Gabion.

Nüziders in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg: According to a simulation conducted, the existing protective dam in the district of Laz is at risk of being overrun in the event of an imminent rockfall event. The Forest Engineering Service for Torrent and Avalanche Control, a subordinate agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, which is represented throughout Austria and was founded in 1884, has the task of strengthening the dam so that the village behind it is reliably protected.

It is not only the remoteness of the dam on the slope of the “Muttersberg” that is causing headaches for the employees of the Bludenz area management, the onset of snowfall is also making the work more difficult. Conditions in which our transportable “TSK” stone baskets made of spot-welded wire grids can nevertheless be moved without any problems. Thanks to the welded-on lifting brackets, the baskets can be filled and compacted in the building yard or quarry and then moved onto a lorry and then into the correct position on site. Efficient, especially with tight time frames and challenging local conditions.

After the necessary earthworks were first carried out by a local company, the TSK baskets were then placed in their position on the embankment, where they now effectively protect the neighbourhood behind them from falling rocks.

Many thanks to the Forest Engineering Service for Torrent and Avalanche Control (Bludenz area management) for the successful cooperation and for sending us the photos.