Customer project: Sehlem landfill site

We are always pleased to be able to report here at regular intervals on the diverse construction projects of our customers. Whether noise protection, slope stabilisation or garden landscaping – our products are used on a wide variety of construction sites. This is also the case with another beautiful project in the direct vicinity of our Wittlich plant (in June we already reported on the “Target World” in Landscheid, which is also close by): the landfill site in Sehlem.

Here, monotecR baskets are used by our customer STRABAG Umwelttechnik from Düsseldorf to secure an embankment in the area of the main access road. A total of almost 400m³ of our popular system with inwardly bent and welded eyelets was used to shore up a slope at the edge of the landfill.

The special feature here: In contrast to the “classic” use of monotecR in on-site construction (the baskets are assembled from individual parts on the construction site and filled there), our customer STRABAG Umwelttechnik used the monotecR baskets as “pre-filled” gabions and moved them directly from the truck with the help of lifting claws.

In this way, the best properties of the monotecR cage as a low-injury safety gabion without wire protrusion could be combined with those of a transport gabion system (such as our “TSK“) to erect a stable and beautifully shaped structure in a short time.

We would like to thank our customer STRABAG Umwelttechnik for the good cooperation and hope for more exciting projects in the future!