The next generation has arrived: Managing Director Axel Friedhoff welcomes two of his sons to the company

Double reason for joy for Axel Friedhoff, Managing Director of Rothfuss Best Gabion. In 2020 he is not only celebrating over 30 years of independence, he is also taking the first steps towards the “next generation” at Rothfuss Best Gabion together with his sons Max and Moritz. Both have been strengthening our motivated sales team since this summer and are determined to take the company forward in their field.

Axel Friedhoff: “Of course I have always worked towards my three sons Max, Moritz and Fritz finding their way into my company. I am therefore all the more pleased that two of them are already strengthening our sales team. We have a powerful team and I enjoy my work – with all my employees – even more.”

Axel Friedhoff (left side) with his sons Moritz (middle) and Max (right side)

Max Friedhoff (26) has already been part of the Friedhoff Group since the beginning of 2019, where he previously looked after the fortunes of the vehicle technology and advertising materials company “Aimpoint”, which supplies vehicle conversions to the police forces of Rhineland-Palatinate and Luxembourg, among others. Now the trained journalist is responsible for the internal sales team at Rothfuss Best Gabion and looks after both new and existing customers from the retail and construction sectors.

Max Friedhoff: “I am very pleased to have now arrived at Rothfuss Best Gabion. What boy does not dream as a child of being able to work with his father one day? I am convinced that with our young and eager team we can make the difference in the gabion market and I can hardly wait to grow even closer with my colleagues”.

As a student of civil engineering, Moritz Friedhoff (24) supports the technical sales department at Rothfuss Best Gabion and is also available to provide our customers with advice and support for complicated construction projects. In addition, he contributes his student training in the form of fresh ideas for the planning and execution of even difficult gabion constructions.

Moritz Friedhoff: “I grew up in my father’s company and therefore knew very early on where my professional career should take me. Being able to work together with my brother Max, my father and the strong team of Rothfuss Best Gabion, some of whom have been with me all my life, makes me happy and last but not least very proud. As soon as my brother Fritz finds his way to us in the near future, nothing can stop us for good”.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that we have further strengthened our sales team in the form of Sarah Schinhofen (23). The trained bank clerk has also been a member of the internal sales team since August and is currently primarily responsible for quotations and follow-up. She also supports our established sales force Babette Daun in day-to-day business.