The inside tip for hiking: “Love Path” Hahnenklee featuring gabion-landscaping

We have been quite amazed when we discovered our gabions on the famous Harzer Love Path in Hahnenklee. In addition to the main task that a gabion has to fulfill, these specimens have a very special mission as “love ambassadors”. But let’s start from the beginning …

Opened in 2007, the 7-kilometer hiking trail offers a loop around the Bocksberg. Being the first hiking trail in the Harz region, our gabions hiking tip – Love Path in Hahnenklee – was awarded as “premium-quality-hiking-trail” by the German Hiking Institute. In the duration of roundabout two hours, a total of 142 meters difference in altitude have to be done.

Inbetween almost untouched nature, hikers expect 25 “love benches”. Each of them represents a period of love. From the “Bench of the First Encounter” situated next to the well-known stave church of Hahnenklee, the path leads through the “gate of love”. Later we pass the “Engagement Bench” and the “Wedding Bench”.

At the “Wedding Bench”, lovers may immortalize themselves with a curtain-lock. The Rothfuss Best Gabion gabions with curved and welded eyelet – made of electrically spot-welded steel wire mesh grids – also suit perfectly for this purpose.

It also demonstrates how our mounted wire mesh grids are obviously in very good condition, showing no trace of red rust. Even by the strain of the locks, which display red rust caused by the permanent influence of air, the zinc-aluminum coating of the gabions clearly demonstrates to be an economic alternative to stainless steel.

All benches are handcrafted and unique, placed at particularly romantic locations with wide view over meadow and forests. Besides these, hikers also may relax on a swing or on a bench at the love hut of the path. Hahnenklee has a lot to offer.

But the love path – with its benches and our gabions – is unique as ambassadors for love.