The best of two worlds: The portable stone basket TSK from Rothfuss Best Gabion

Do you want to implement a building project quickly and flexibly, but at the same time not forgo the advantages and aesthetics of a gabion construction? Then the portable stone basket TSK from Rothfuss Best Gabion is the ideal product for you. It is filled and compacted at the factory, so it can be delivered to the construction site as a prefabricated element and, if the foundation is prepared accordingly, it can be moved immediately. In this way, even larger construction measures can be implemented within a tight schedule. 

Of course, the TSK basket is also made of resistant and durable wire grids with zinc-aluminum coating. Various dimensions from 50 to 200 centimetres in length and 50 to 100 centimetres in width are available. The height of the baskets is either 50 or 100 centimetres. 

The standard wire thickness of the cover grid is 5.0 millimetres, all other grids are made of 6.0 millimetre wire. The mesh size of the top grid is 10×20 centimetres, the bottom, front and side grids 5×20 centimetres. 

Since the factory-filled TSK basket can be unloaded from the truck and moved directly, there is no need to store the individual components, assemble them and fill them on site. Nevertheless, the wide range of filling and facing materials allows for individual design possibilities. 

Whether for slope stabilization, road construction, landscaping or private garden design: The portable stone basket TSK from Rothfuss Best Gabion is a versatile product with special advantages that make it a favorite in our range.