Rothfuss Best Gabion on the “Nordbau 2019” in Neumünster

Together with the professional association “Garten-, Landschafts- und Sportplatzbau Schleswig-Holstein” and the equivalent of the same name from the city state of Hamburg, Rothfuss Best Gabion showed a strong presence at the trade fair “Nordbau 2019” in Neumünster in September. 

On an exhibition area of around 90,000 square meters, Northern Europe’s largest compact trade fair on the subject of “construction” offered around 850 exhibitors space to present their new products appropriately. The trade fair, which has been held in Neumünster since 1955, once again attracted over 60,000 visitors this year. 

The main topics on the stand of the two trade associations supported by Rothfuss Best Gabion and on invitation by the member of presidium Mr. Tilam Kaden this year were sports field construction and – amongst others – noise protection. As exhibits locally we were allowed to present beside the noise protection system earth basket (8.0 running meter / 2.4 meters high) also the systems “Silent Plus” with sand core (2.0 running meter / 2.0 meters high) as well as the trapeze-gabion with concrete core (2.0 running meter / 2.0 meters high) on the fair. 

During his visit to Neumünster, our employee Ralf Pfisterer not only provided the trade fair team of the two associations with advice and assistance, but also contributed suitable advertising material for our products in addition to his support in customer consulting and acquisition. 

We would like to thank the trade associations of Schleswig-Holstein (especially Mr. Kaden) and Hamburg for the successful cooperation in Neumünster and look forward to the next joint appearance!