Rothfuss Best Gabion monotecR® Retaining Wall realized at the new head office of the car-glass specialist A. T. Iser GmbH at Sindelfingen

The reputed car-glass specialist T. Iser GmbH relocated its head office to Sindelfingen in October 2017. With nationwide over 30 branches and service points, and round about 120 employees, the A.T. Iser GmbH is a continuously growing and innovative company, which is specialized in windscreens as carrier-element for today’s complex technologies, as well as stone-chipping repairs, car glass replacement and tinting.

The Iser- team always keeps pace with innovations and for sure finds the suitable glass solution.

For the conception of the outdoor area and the customer parking lot, the constructor decided on a design with Rothfuss Best Gabion monotecR® gabions.

The modern appearance of the entire ensemble with its multifunctional administration building and warehouse is bordered by a Rothfuss Best Gabion monotecR® gabion retaining wall in the area of the customer parking lot in the direction of the Neckarstraße.

The clear architectural design of the building is continued by the  monotecR® retaining wall at the outside area. In addition the natural stone filling of the gabions also creates a smooth transition at the green area.

The retaining wall is three feet high and secured with a classic gravity wall consisting of monotecR® gabions, the safety-gabion with no protruding wire ends.

The proven eyelet-and locking-rod-system of the monotecR® gabion is easy to mount and allows you to derive the benefits of monolithic construction: Cost savings by material savings, straight flush construction as well as high stability.

Monolithic construction simply means mounting the whole structure as a single continuous structure. Due to continuous installation material savings of side and bottom grids are possible. Thus allows to realize an extremely economical on-site installation. (For further details see

Different combinations of wire mesh grids with different mesh sizes also allow further optimization in the configuration of the gabion baskets.

We are pleased that the constructors are more than satisfied with our monotecR® gabion basket system and therefore gladly sent our congratulations on the completion of the new building in a special publication of the district newspaper Böblinger Bote.