RAL Quality Mark GABIONEN awarded to Rothfuss Best Gabion

Rothfuss Best Gabion is now the first company to bear the “GABIONEN” quality mark certified by RAL (German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labelling) in the product-related metals sector. The Quality Association  “GfG Gütegemeinschaft für Gabionen e.V.” thus distinguishes those companies that contribute to the further development, distribution and quality improvement of gabions and gabion constructions. 

Managing Director Matthias Möck with the certificate of the quality mark

“We are naturally very proud of the award of the quality mark”, says RBG managing director Matthias Möck happily. “I see this as an award for our work in the gabion industry to date and at the same time as a task to advance the topic of gabions even further, be it with research projects, technical developments or the exchange with other carriers of this innovative quality mark”. 

Further quality mark users were the engineering office IBH-Herold & Partner Ingenieure Part mbB in Weimar (performance-related area of planning), Bärnreuther+Deuerlein Schotterwerke GmbH & Co.KG, Postbauer-Heng (product-related area of filling materials) and the construction company Deutschle GmbH, Abenberg (performance-related area of construction). The next awards of quality marks to member companies of the quality association will take place shortly. 

A constant exchange of experience and information between the members of the Quality Association, the sounding out of optimisation possibilities for products at the highest quality level, the support among each other as well as research projects on the subject of gabions and the continuous assurance of the quality expressed with the quality mark form an important part of the tasks of the Quality Association “GfG Gütegemeinschaft für Gabionen e.V.

Information about RAL:
The RAL quality assurance system ensures that the quality and test regulations developed are manufacturer-neutral and are determined in an objective, public procedure. RAL Quality Assurances always demand the quality of products and services. Reliable compliance with the high quality standards is ensured by a dense network of constant internal and external monitoring to which manufacturers and suppliers voluntarily submit. As an objective and interest-neutral marking, RAL Quality Marks meet the growing demands of consumers and stand for their protection.