Our new partner in South-America (Suriname)

Unser neuer Partner in Südamerika (Suriname)

Unser neuer Partner in Südamerika (Suriname)

Paths are made by walking.
(Franz Kafka)

We are happy to explore and build up new business segments on the South American continent and the Caribbean with our new distribution partner PANSA GROUP OF COMPANIES N.V. (Suriname) from this day forward.

During a visit to our production and administration site in Wittlich, Mr. Maurino Pansa (CEO) and his wife Sylvia Pansa (CFO) convinced themselves of our development and production processes as well as the quality of our product range.

In the subsequent discussions, it soon turned out that

  • High quality
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Expert knowledge

on the part of Rothfuss Best Gabion


  • Manpower
  • Experience and knowledge of local conditions

on the part of PANSA Group

would complement each other perfectly.

Particular attention was paid to our monotecR®-safety gabion, useable for even the most unusual projects thanks to its wide field of application (areas open to public such as nursery and public schools, retirement homes; slope stabilization, noise barrier, blinds, landscaping).

Such an unusual project for the monotecR®-gabion will be at the XX. SuriPop Festival in the upcoming weeks.

Our monotecR®-gabion will be installed as a pillar on a rotating base on which the SuriPop trophy will be placed, effectively illuminated under spotlight from all sides.

The SuriPop Festival – abbreviation for Suriname Populair Song Festival – takes place every two years. The song contest features a wide variety of artists. The best composition is awarded. Organizer is the “Foundation for the Promotion of Art and Culture in Suriname”.

Our new distribution partner PANSA Group is the manufacturing sponsor of the trophy. We wish all participants and visitors an unforgettable experience.