Interview: How is Rothfuss Best Gabion positioned in the Corona crisis?

At a time when events are turning daily, it is all the more important to act with foresight. We at Rothfuss Best Gabion also want to take the best possible precautions in the current situation surrounding the corona virus. How this works in detail is revealed to us by Managing Director Matthias Möck in an interview.

Mr Möck, the corona crisis is a great challenge, especially for medium-sized companies. How is Rothfuss Best Gabion dealing with the situation?

MM: At Rothfuss Best Gabion we maintain a very conservative company policy anyway, which is particularly worthwhile at the moment. Above all, our generous stocks of finished products and raw wire are currently helping to ease the situation. 

How can your customers specifically imagine this? Will there be supply bottlenecks? 

MM: No, we can reassure them. Currently, we have about 1,500 tons of wire grids of all product groups in stock, including all necessary accessories. Each product is also generously stocked in all the wire diameters called off. This enables us to react to special requirements at very short notice and to help out especially in the current situation, if bottlenecks occur elsewhere. 

Is there a risk that difficulties could arise on the raw material side?

MM: We are also well prepared for this. Due to our partnership with Bekaert, our raw wire stock is currently being further expanded. In addition, existing investment projects are being implemented according to plan. One example is our new wire mesh welding plant, which is due to go into operation at the Wittlich factory in the near future. 

Mr Möck, thank you very much for the interesting insight into your company during this strenuous time!  

We hope that this crisis will be overcome quickly and wish our customers, suppliers and partners above all to remain healthy!