How it works: 6 steps to the ideal gabion structure


Six mesh grids, a few stones, and the gabion is ready. No, of course it’s not that simple. How to choose the perfect gabion product for every purpose and what you have to pay special attention to when preparing and building it, is what these six professional tips from the gabion builder tell us today.

As with any carefully constructed structure, the basic parameters of a gabion structure, however small, must be decided in advance. Is the gabion supposed to fulfil a free-standing noise or privacy protection function? Should it support a slope or merely serve as decoration? It is particularly important to think carefully about the statics. Do I need a foundation? Is the supporting load of the building sufficient? Is the subsoil suitable?  Always remember: one cubic metre of gabion weighs on average around 1.7 tonnes! 

Die Gabionen-Bank für Ihren Garten

When choosing the right product, you should also consider in advance which one best suits your project. Special purpose? For example, our “BLICKS Professional” fencing system with a maximum width of 30 centimetres is particularly suitable as a space-saving privacy screen at the site boundary. 

MonotecR Rothfuss BestGabion

The “monotecR®” gabion, on the other hand, is our all-rounder. The low-injury safety gabion without wire protrusion is suitable for noise protection, slope stabilization, landscaping or private gardens. Advantage: Due to the curved and welded eyelets, this type can also be used without hesitation for places with direct public traffic such as kindergartens, schools or other public facilities.  

The savings potential of your building should also be considered. If you erect several rows horizontally and vertically, it may be possible to omit individual mesh grids for certain gabion types – this saves the budget during construction. The correct mesh size of your grids depends on the desired appearance, the filling material and the intended use. 

The filling material plays a significant role in the correct functioning of a gabion structure. It must be resistant to heat and frost, must not dissolve through rapid erosion and should ideally blend in with the visual appearance of the surroundings. Here one should not save at the wrong end: The residues from the quarry in the neighbouring village may be cheaper than those from a specialist dealer, but he can advise you better on the properties and grain sizes of the filling material. 

With these five basic hints, simple gabion structures can be tackled quickly. But we have a sixth piece of advice: if you have any doubts during the planning or execution, do not hesitate to seek professional help. We work together with some of the best gabion construction companies and would be happy to make a recommendation for your region.

As you can see, the complexity of “gabion construction” cannot be dealt with in a few simple paragraphs. There are too many uses, regulations and possibilities. If you are interested in the construction of a gabion structure, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help. At any time.