Gabions cure wanderlust – stone baskets on the Baltic Sea beach at Laboe

While we here in the west of Germany currently have to endure snow, slush or rain every day, some lucky monotecR stone baskets from our production can enjoy the unobstructed view of the Baltic Sea in the future. Our customer A. Stoltenberg Tiefbau GmbH recently completed a project thanks to which a total of 200 gabion baskets now beautify the beach road of Laboe near Kiel and at the same time protect it from the sand that used to blow unhindered onto the promenade.

The 100x50x100cm specimens of our low-injury safety gabion monotecR were filled on the premises of the company A. Stoltenberg Tiefbau GmbH in Fiefbergen, compacted and then transported to the Baltic Sea beach, where they were placed on a previously made concrete foundation.

The baskets contain a slightly round-washed stone with a varied colouring typical of the area, which blends in perfectly with the local conditions. Thus, the construction measure at the Strandstraße of the Baltic seaside resort Laboe combines the pleasant with the useful and is not only a protection against the sand of the beach but also a visually appealing addition to the promenade at the eastern shore of the Kieler Börde.

We would like to thank the company A. Stoltenberg Tiefbau GmbH for the good cooperation as well as the professional communication and hope to be able to pay our baskets a visit in a time “after Corona”. Who could resist with this view …