For a clean future: Rothfuss Best Gabion to go climate-neutral with electricity and gas by 2020

Good resolutions for the new year are important, and good resolutions for the new decade are all the more important. Rothfuss Best Gabion will therefore drastically reduce its CO2 footprint from 2020 and make both the purchase of natural gas for heating the properties at the Wittlich site and the purchase of electricity for production and administration climate-neutral by means of CO2 certificates. 

In doing so, we make use of the service of the network operator “Innogy”, which, through its “Nature” energy supply option, provides us with emission reduction certificates certified by TÜV Süd for the purchase of natural gas on the one hand and proof of origin for a 100 percent amount of electrical energy generated from renewable energies in Europe on the other. These are then validated in the Register of Guaranteed Origin kept at the Federal Environment Agency. 

In addition to CO2 reduction, this also promotes economic development at the respective project location, creates jobs for the local population and thus further increases the CO2 benefit.

With the services we have chosen, we are not only investing in renewable energies such as hydropower, but are also continuing our in-house investment in future-proof technologies, for which, for example, we have been investing for years in a photovoltaic system with an area of around 3,500 square metres on the roof of our production halls. In addition, our energy consumption benefits from LED lighting throughout the entire operation and an intelligent heating system that heats the entire office area via a heat exchanger with exhaust air from the production hall. With these measures and Innogy’s participation in international climate protection projects, we want to make a contribution to jointly mastering one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century.