Eye-catching: the special wall panelling gabion from Rothfuss Best Gabion

Anyone who has always wondered how to turn a simple reinforced concrete facade into an exciting eye-catcher should now pay close attention. Because gabions are not only suitable as decoration in the garden or as slope protection for large road construction projects, the modular construction and the natural look can also be combined for house construction. 

With our wall panelling gabions you can refine every object with reinforced concrete walls in an individual way. Natural stone facades with a new look are created from a technically advanced system. 

The wall panelling gabion is suspended in a tested rail system, which is fastened directly to the reinforced concrete wall. No foundation is required as the load is transferred directly to the outer wall. In this way, existing buildings can also be optically enhanced. 

The system is extremely easy to install, robust, versatile and offers an upgrade of facades through various filling and facing options. Natural stone in various colours and shapes can be used as filling material. 

In detail, the wall panelling gabion from Rothfuss Best Gabion uses pre-assembled baskets measuring 99.5 x 14.5 x 49 centimeters, the overall depth including the fastening system is just 16.5 centimeters. 

The baskets made of spot-welded wire mesh grids with zinc-aluminum coating (95% zinc, 5% aluminum) always fulfil our usual quality criteria such as the tensile strength of ≥ 450 N/mm2 and 3,000 hours in the salt spray test (according to DIN EN ISO 9227-NSS).