Donation instead of Christmas card: Rothfuss Best Gabion gives something back this Christmas

Dear customers, suppliers and partners of Rothfuss Best Gabion,

You may have noticed in the run-up to Christmas that our annual Christmas card did not make it into your letterbox this winter. There is a reason for this: although our employees did their best day in, day out in this exhausting year, our mood in this Advent was more subdued than in previous years. Months of privations and fears lie behind us. Concerns, many of which, however, still affect many people far more than we do. This year, therefore, we are dispensing with our traditional Christmas card and want to focus our charity on those who need our attention more:

For this reason, the companies of the Friedhoff Group (Rothfuss Best Gabion, Der Steinhof and Aimpoint Werbung) are donating a total of €2,500 to the “Wittlicher Tafel”.

The “Wittlicher Tafel” supports people from the district of Bernkastel-Wittlich who have only a small income. At the Tafel, they can purchase qualitatively still perfect goods that have been taken off the shelves in shops for a small amount. In addition, Wittlicher Tafel’s aim from the very beginning has been to offer its customers more than just the supply of food. In addition to holiday fun activities for the Tafel children in the form of, for example, vouchers for a visit to the swimming pool, there is also the possibility of participating in a holiday leisure activity and the organisation of a reading autumn for the younger ones.

In order to maintain these offers, “Wittlicher Tafel” is dependent on voluntary work, donations in kind and financial donations. We hope that our donation will contribute to the continued existence of this great institution and encourage others to get involved with Wittlicher Tafel as well.

We wish you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas and a safe “slide” into the New Year. Stay healthy!

Your team from Rothfuss Best Gabion