Customer project: Target World Landscheid

In our “News” section, we particularly like to report on projects that we have been able to realise together with our customers and partners throughout Europe. However, it is not only the supra-regional constructions that are worth mentioning, but also and especially those construction sites that can be found virtually on our doorstep that make us proud. Together with our customer “GGS Terracon” from Moritzburg, we were allowed to realise an 18.5 m high catch wall construction for the newly built “Target World” in Landscheid, which is used at the shooting range built there in the area of clay pigeon shooting. The project was implemented from June to October 2021, before moving on to the rest of the “Target World” facility.

Our “Delta Green” system was used as a KBE construction (geosynthetic reinforced soil construction), the total face area of the steep wall is approx. 2,200m². With the large-scale shoring at a very steep angle, not only our customer GGS Terracon was able to prove its expertise, but also our product Delta Green can now shine visibly at the Landscheid site when, from the beginning of 2023, hunters and sport shooters visit what is probably the most modern shooting range far and wide for training and instruction purposes.

We would like to thank GGS Terracon for the good cooperation on the project and for providing the pictures.