BLICKS Professional: The clever fence system from Rothfuss Best Gabion

If you are looking for a fencing for your property that is both beautiful and functional and at the same time acts as a privacy screen, you should take a close look at the “BLICKS Professional” system from Rothfuss Best Gabion. The fencing system with a maximum width of 30 cm is particularly well suited as a space-saving privacy screen at the boundary of the property and combines these basic characteristics with special advantages that only the Gabion product can offer. 

Our “BLICKS Professional” system is available in two widths (23 and 30 cm) and in three meshes (2.5x10cm, 5x10cm or 5x20cm). The spot-welded wire grids with zinc-aluminum coating (95% zinc / 5% aluminum) are available in different wire thicknesses. We also offer variable lengths and heights. All frost and weather resistant natural stones larger than the selected mesh size are suitable as filling material. The system can be filled very easily due to the individual construction steps, each one meter high. 

In order to be able to implement the “BLICKS Professional” system in your home, you need at least one basic module consisting of a complete set including side and top grids as well as two fence posts for setting in concrete. Optional base plates for dowelling including four holes with a diameter of 14mm are also available. An expert assessment of the subsoil must always be carried out. The extension module is delivered without side grids, as these are already included in the basic module. 

Die Gabionen-Bank für Ihren Garten

A special advantage for your property, which does not appear at first glance, is the enormous environmental compatibility of the gabion principle. While a bare concrete wall or an “open” fence hardly provides shelter for flora and fauna, gabions can become a real paradise for insects with a few small tricks. Even in a conventionally filled basket many creatures find shelter that are not at home in a concrete wall. Wild bees, ladybirds or lacewings pollinate fruit trees or other plants and thus create a colorful garden. 

In addition, gabions are also less often victims of vandalism. The reason is simple but astounding. While a smooth concrete wall is an ideal playground for a graffiti “artist”, the latter cannot even draw a straight line on the uneven facade of a gabion building. This gnaws at the ego and thus spares gabion walls from graffiti. You can find more information about our “BLICKS Professional” fencing system in the corresponding product category on our website or by talking directly to our staff.