A-Gabion – the new noise protection gabion wall

A-Gabione - Rothfuss Best Gabion

A-Gabione - Rothfuss Best Gabion

Rothfuss Best Gabion is introducing a new product in the existing product line of the company.

A-Gabione – die neue Lärmschutzgabione

First of all is the conical shape an eye-catching detail, providing the cross-section with a slim and solid look. The mounting is done with shaping corrosion-protected A-elements in a modular construction. monotecR® grids – known as “safety” grids/ for reasons of minimization of injury risk –  are preferably added as an outer shell on the A-elements. The internal stiffening is done by using pre-fabricated elements.

A-Gabione – die neue Lärmschutzgabione

Of course all grids and connecting elements are made of Zn95%/Al 5% wire – with a long-lasting corrosion resistance –  as you are familiar of our products with.

In addition – if you use monotecR® – you achieve a surface with a completely low-leveled, minimized risk of injury, so the field of application is also possible for all kind of areas open to public such as pre- and nursery schools, public schools, retirement homes etc.

A-Gabione – die neue Lärmschutzgabione

By using a suitable soil in the core, an effective airborne sound insulation is achieved. Quickly and efficiently filling of visible sides with – according to mesh size – suitable stone material is possible by additional chambers.

All steel and wire products are delivered pre-fabricated – customized to your project – delivered to the construction site. With a few steps the outer shell is mounted and the filling of the cages – layer by layer – can be taken care of.

The stability is achieved by systematic compression of the core area and filling of the visible chambers with a tightly packed stone material.

A-Gabion – effective construction with soil as noise protection

A-Gabion – aesthetic design with stone optic as noise protection

A-Gabion – creative and challenging shear wall with rock-fill

A-Gabion – always a figurehead for your project!

Photos show project A-Gabion noise protection wall Hamburg  (Germany) in execution by our long-standing customer GGS Gesellschaft für Geotechnische Systeme GmbH, Moritzburg (Germany)

Project details to follow