4 special advantages of gabions that everyone should know about

For many people, the gabion continues to exist as a “shrinking violet” despite its progressing spread. Many false prejudices stand in the way of this basically already centuries-old product. We have 4 special reasons why gabions should be preferred to a “classic” concrete wall, for example. 

1.) The environmental compatibility 

While a bare concrete wall offers hardly any shelter for flora and fauna, with a few little tricks gabions can become a real paradise for insects. Even in a conventionally filled basket, many creatures find shelter that are not at home in a concrete wall. Wild bees, ladybirds or lacewings not only pollinate fruit trees or other plants, they also feed on aphids and other pests and thus contribute to pest control. Who plans a gabion construction in the domestic garden and wants to do the insects a favor, can fill a part of the building with drilled logs, hollow plant stems, bamboo sticks, fir cones or straw and offer each animal type a suitable room. 

2.) The optics 

A carefully constructed gabion building is a real eye-catcher. Not only the accurately aligned wire rods in longitudinal and transverse direction give the construction a modern look, the filling also contributes a great deal to the overall visual result. For example, the gabions can be perfectly integrated into their surroundings with a local type of stone if the wall is not to be particularly striking. However, if the building is intended as an eye-catcher, this effect can be achieved with a manual layering or an exotic filling. More natural and individual than any concrete wall. 

3.) The noise protection 

If you only think of faded plastic panels on motorway bridges or smeared concrete walls on railway lines when you hear the word “noise protection wall”, you should take a look at our product “Silent Plus”. The noise protection gabion, for example, can be supplied with a concrete core and combines a high degree of flexibility in construction with excellent noise protection thanks to its sandwich construction. Due to the special filling on the noise side, the sound is not only reflected (as with a concrete wall), but first broken by the small chambers of the lava stones. A double noise protection that can be used in many ways. 

4.) The flexibility

While a concrete or quarry stone wall is an enormous time and space burden during construction on the construction site, this is not a problem with a gabion project based on our “TSK” model (the transport gabion). The individual factory-filled baskets can be placed on top of each other on site like Lego bricks, thus not only saving time during assembly but also saving the builder’s wallet, who can look forward to professionally filled baskets that do not require any post-processing and are particularly stable due to their mechanical filling.