Customer project: Gabions at the Ljubljana-Rudnik cemetery

Rothfuss Best Gabion products are not only very popular in Germany, our gabions are also used in other European countries. Now our customer DP-Pipan in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana has completed a project at the local cemetery in the Rudnik district using our Roko gabions together with the constructor Gib gradnje d.o.o.

The result of the efforts is impressive: The gabion grids from the „Roko“ product range, joined together with spirals and spacers to form complete baskets, were filled with greyish-coloured stones. These were hand-straightened at the front to achieve a wall-like appearance.

In some cases, an aluminium subframe was inserted into the backs of the baskets so that a Corten steel fence could be mounted on top. In this way, slope protection, appearance and property boundary could be skilfully combined.

We would like to thank our customer DP Pipan for the good cooperation and the provision of the pictures and wish them continued success!